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​Partner with PEI & Support the Community 

Parental Empowerment Institute Annual Fund
We are fortunate to have a base of donors who bond a constituency to our organization.  Our Annual Fund also brings accountability to our cause of empowering and educating parents. Through donations to this fund, we are able to provide all services and courses offered to parents, at no charge to the client.  Annual Fund members are encouraged to attend our annual investors meeting and awards gala. 
Endowment Giving

PEI encourages our supporters to donate to our endowment to ensure our stability and consistency in the community. Our staff works diligently to support our clients and build a rapport, and we plan on maintaining those relationships for many years to come.  Endowment giving helps diversify PEI's income, and reduces our dependency on any singular type of funding.   

Planned Giving

This method of supporting Parental Empowerment Institute enables philanthropic individuals to make larger gifts than they could make from their income to support parents in the Metro Atlanta community. While some planned gifts provide a life-long income to PEI, others use estate and tax planning techniques to provide for our organization and other heirs in ways that maximize the gift and/or minimize its impact on the donor's estate.  Our Director of Development, will gladly assist you in determining which method of giving yields the most benefits for you.



Barry Brown

Director of Development

632 Peeples St. SW

​Atlanta, Ga. 30010   

​Tel: 678.408.1454 

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