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Our Family of Facilitators

We are a group of people who love life, and love making life easier and more enjoyable for other people.  Diversity is important to us, and we value other people's beliefs.  All staff and facilitators are trained instructors, who uphold confidentiality and safety in a warm environment.  


PEI facilitators seek to meet the needs of any parent where ever the needs are found.  This vision includes parents in the most traditional sense to those in non-traditional family settings.


Our Support Groups


PEI offers support for parents who are overcoming many obstacles.  Some of those are: Death of a Child, Cancer Survivors, Single Moms, Single Dads, Grandparent Guardians, and Teen Parenting.  If you would like to form or join a support group, please contact us. 

Parent Pampering


The parent's progress will be charted, as they take courses and matriculate through the program.  Incentives to complete their program plan will be available. Parents will be given access to incentives geared toward providing stress relief, since parenting IS the most difficult job in the world.  Stress relief services including spa services, aromatherapy items, and gourmet meals at selected restaurants.  



Parents Day Out


Parents are given a day to enjoy each other, and share experiences in an exciting social setting.  Our partners provide food and transportation, as well as resources to provide this opportunity at no cost to our clients.  Childcare is provided.

Parent's Praise


After completing assessments and courses, parents are encouraged to participate in a graduation ceremony to honor their accomplishment.  We believe that openly expressing the desire to be the best parent possible is something we should applaud and promote.  


In a society where more grandparents and other family members become guardians, we seek to provide as much instruction,  motivation, and support as possible.


We're so PROUD of you! 



Parent of the Month Recipients


Helen Cummins - Atlanta, Ga.

Nominated by her grandchildren 

February 2016 

Laura Swords - Atlanta, Ga. 

Nominated by her daughter

October 2014

Chantell Jones - Covington, Ga.

Nominated by her husband

November 2014

Monica Hart - Lithonia, Ga.

Nominated by her son and daughter

December 2014

Freda Waiters - Union City, Ga.

Nominated by her husband

January 2015

Kimberly Edwards - Decatur, Ga. 


Nominated by her daughter and son

February 2015

Felecia Thomas - Smyrna, Ga.

Nominated by her son and husband

March 2017

Solomon Muhammad - Smyrna, Ga.

Nominated by his son and daughter

April 2018

Tasha Cash - Conyers, Ga.

Nominated by her son and daughter

May 2015

Joseph Fain - Lawrenceville, Ga. 

Nominated by his son and daughter

June 2015

Corneilus George - Newnan, Ga.

Nominated by his son and daughter

July 2015

Nicole Smith - Atlanta, Ga.

Nominated by her 2 sons 

January 2019

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