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Preparing Meals

Eliminate the stress and time factor of having to cook every single night by meal prepping!  It saves you time in the kitchen and helps keep you on track with healthy eating!  You can prep and plan for just dinners, lunch and dinner, or even all three meals of the day and snacks too!  The amount of prep you do, depends on how much time you have to dedicate to prepping and your personal preferences.  
So what exactly is meal prepping?  It is planning and prepping your meals in advance for the week.  This means cooking items in bulk and sometimes eating left overs.  Left overs are a wondrous time saver!

Before beginning any meal prep, have tupperware containers on hand. Buy tupperware of similar sizes/shapes so you can easily stack them in your refridgerator, making your meal prep more space efficient so your fridge doesn't become a war zone of  tupperware containers.   


10 July

4:30 pm - Preparing Easy Meals

18 July

6:30 pm - Time Management

19 July

10:00 am - Advocay Strategies










Parent Date Night


Join us the last Friday of each month for a night out on the town with your date! Bring who you wish, but PLEASE, no kids tonight!  

Extracurricular Challenge


As adults, we have more practice in balancing what we "have to do" and what we "want to do".  Our kids, however, have not quite learned how to structure their days to create the healthiest plan for themselves. If you want more strategies for how to manage your child's extracurricular activities, come to our workshop.  We'll show you how.

Thank You Parents!


Adult Children

FINALLY say thank you to their parents!

Parent-Teacher Conferences


We would all love for our children to go through school making straight A's and never having any problems.  However, that's not what most of us experience.  There are times when we need to have a conversation with our child's teachers about their academic performance and behavior.  Knowing how to facilitate a conference and understanding what questions to ask can be frustrating and daunting.  Allow us to help you through that process, so you can focus on your child and their needs. 

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